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Collaborative Translation

Team and Partners

This project is situated at the intersection of numerous disciplines: linguistics and history, literary studies and new technologies, translation studies and sociology.  It is part of the work undertaken by the "Thinking Translation [Penser la traduction]" research group, which was formed in 2007 to give form to the interdisciplinary research dynamic developing around the Master of Translation (T3L) at the University of Paris 8, and to act upon recent social and cultural devolopments in translation, both in the profession and in the university, in France and across the globe. The group aims to bring into dialogue the different issues engaged by current translation debates: translation in the social sciences, the poetics and analysis of translation, new forms of textuality (multimedia), sociology and economy of translation, the relationship between the law and translation within the context of globalzation. The group is composed of specialists of different languages (Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Russian) and different disciplines (history, literature, linguistics, theatre, cultural studies, translation studies). Thinking Translation is organizing "Collaborative Translation: from Antiquity to the Internet" in collaboration with the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, partner to the Laboratory of Excellence Arts H2H and University Paris Lumières.

This project is financed by the Labex Arts-H2H with in partership with the following institutions:

Labex TransferS

Participating laboratories of the University of Paris 8 and 10:

Labex arts et médiations humaines arts H2H
Transferts critiques et dynamique des savoirs- EA 1569 , Paris 8
Scènes et savoirs - EA 1573 , Paris 8
Laboratoire d’études romanes - EA 4385 , Paris 8


Masters programme


MASTER T3L TRADUCTION Université Paris 8

Un projet Labex Arts H2H