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Collaborative Translation

La langue du bourricot
A theatre translation collective from Italian into French

La Langue du bourricot, literally the donkey's tongue, was born in 2012 at the University of Paris 8, during the collective experience that was the "Translating the Theatre" workshop, led by Céline Frigau Manning.

While the translator is often alone – faced or struggling with a text, an author, a director, a playwright, or actors – our collective is the space that acts as a bridge connecting solitary with solidary beings. Far from naive idealizations of such solidarity, we advocate the complexity of translating in a collective, where different individual subjects are affirmed only when each relinquishes his or her personal claims to the act and the fruits of translation.

Comprising mostly French and Italian students and graduates from the Master of Translation (T3L, Literature and Humanities major), the Department of Theatre Studies (graduates and undergraduates) and other programs at the University of Paris 8, La Langue du bourricot strives to be the space where its members (translators, actors, theatre directors or the merely curious or passionate) enjoy a slow tempo, one which allows them to translate and retranslate the same text for months on end, to question how to approach the works and their dramaturgical potential, and to explore the very ways in which a collective functions.

In 2012-2013 the collective translated Bastavamo a far ridere le mosche / On faisait rire les mouches [We Made Flies Laugh], in collaboration with the work’s author, Sergio Longobardi. The play was published in December 2013 at Presses Universitaires du Mirail, in its series, Nouvelles Scènes Italien.

For their second work of 2013-2014, In nome del popolo italiano / Au nom du peuple italien [In the Name of the Italian People] by Matteo Bacchini, La Langue du bourricot worked with the director Lionel Parlier. Translators become actors not with the idea that theatrical practice would reveal the mot juste, but on the contrary that it would multiply possibilities, open up the acting and give more room to move. The play was published in 2014 with Presses Universitaires du Mirail in the Nouvelles Scènes Italien series.

Translators and members of the collective in 2014-2015 :  Hugo Bachelard, Paolo Bellomo, Ivana Bilić, Linda Cargini, Julie Chêne, Laure Deyna, Lara Di Pippo, Rony Efrat, Céline Frigau Manning, Annarita Gaudiomonte, Valentine Grana, Laurène Haslé, Romane Lafore, Edoardo Lazzari, Masiel Lecusson, Marie-Amandine Lemaire, Florian Micheli, Marilena Netzker, Darya Novikova, Éric Pegorer, Francesco Perrone, Giulia Pradella, Carole Ravenelle, Rosaria Russomanno, Paolo Taccardo. 


Translators and members of the collective in 2013-2014: Sarah Battistella, Paolo Bellomo, Linda Cargini, Mariacristina Di Martino, Lara Di Pippo, Marie-Amandine Fredj, Céline Frigau Manning, Laurène Haslé, Romane Lafore, Silvia Manzio, Sarah Marchais, Caterina Orsenigo, Francesco Perrone, Roberto Rabito, Carole Ravenelle, Paolo Taccardo, Suzana Thomaz, Coralie Trouboul.

Translators and members of the collective in 2013-2014: Paolo Bellomo, Lara Di Pippo, Marine Dugré, Ségolène Dupin, Céline Frigau Manning, Pauline Garnier, Annarita Gaudiomonte, Romane Lafore, Luisa Lanni, Frédérique Longhi Antonelli, Joanne Marion, Caterina Orsenigo, Valentina Sanseverino, Paolo Taccardo.

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