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Collaborative Translation

Conference: Situating the Translator in the Theatre, June 7th-8th 2013

This two-day conference aims to study the role of the translator in the context of theatrical translation, in both its historical and contemporary dimensions. Focusing on case studies, field work and personal experience, it will inquire into the translator's instability and versatility.

While the translator is often seen as a shadowy figure whose work remains underestimated compared to the author/director duo, his or her role is nevertheless fundamental in the creation of many plays. The conference aims at shedding light on the translator's relationship to the figure of the author/director duo that shapes dramatic works, as well as his or her relationship to the playwright, and finally particular cases of the translator's invisibility.

Translating theatre, unlike translating fiction for instance, generates a network of meaning between the source text and its performance on stage. It is thus often one stage in a process leading from the page to the stage, raising the issues of stage translation, surtitling, adaptation and rewriting. 


Organisers: Céline Frigau Manning - Marie Nadia Karsky - Claire Larsonneur



Paris Ouest (Nanterre)
BnF (Paris) 
Scènes et savoirs - EA 1573 (Paris 8) 
Paragraphe - EA 349 (Paris 8) 
Laboratoire d’études romanes - EA 4385 (Paris 8) 
Transferts critiques et dynamique des savoirs- EA 1569 (Paris 8)


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